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He says Mateen used Adam4Adam to send shots of his penis to men -- but never showed his face. Cedeno says he has no knowledge Mateen was ever successful in hooking up with a man.

On the other hand She says he was "nice, normal She told us Mateen never said anything about being into men , but did rant about Islam and the Quran She says he wanted to meet face-to-face, but she too blocked him because he seemed "emotionally unstable. The FBI says it's investigating Mateen's potential activity on gay apps, and reports he'd visited Pulse multiple times before Sunday morning's killings. Got A Tip? Men and women have come forward to the FBI claiming to have had a relationship with Mateen, according to the law enforcement official, and all of those claims are being investigated.

Miguel said in an interview with Univision that Mateen, who was killed by police during the rampage on the Pulse nightclub early on June 12, was gay. He described his relationship with Mateen as "friends with benefits.

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He said the sexual relationship lasted about two months, and they met at a hotel in Orlando between 15 and 20 times. Miguel told Univison that he believes Mateen intentionally targeted Latinos in retribution for feeling rejected by Puerto Ricans. Miguel said that Mateen's wife knew he was gay, and that his father forced him into an arranged marriage.

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Gay, trans, bisexual Investigators have said Mateen "cased" the Pulse nightclub prior to the night of the massacre. There has also been speculation about the gunman's sexuality. Additionally, other media outlets have heard several stories of Mateen popping up and conversing with men on gay dating apps.

‘Always Agitated. Always Mad’: Omar Mateen, According to Those Who Knew Him

Van Horn, a retired pharmacist, said he met Mateen once, and the younger man talked about his ex-wife. But Van Horn said his friends soon "told me they didn't want me talking to him, because they thought he was a strange person. The Orlando Sentinel and other news organizations quoted other regulars from Pulse who said they had seen Mateen there a number of times, and many said he was at best strange, at worst a little scary.

Asked about his son's sexual orientation last week, Seddique Mir Mateen said he did not believe his son was gay. The elder Mateen said he learned of the speculation from news reports, but as far as he was concerned, "I didn't see any of it and I don't believe that was the case.

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Shot multiple times in front of her home and in front of her teenage son, the inspiring story of a woman who overcame incredible odds to survive and is now on a mission to stop future attacks on judges. The worst of the storms will be found Saturday afternoon over east Texas moving into Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi. Target letters by prosecutors typically inform a person that they are part of an investigation but they don't necessarily mean the individual will be charged.

Booker, in an interview with CBS News' Margaret Brennan, responded to a threat President Trump made this week to release undocumented immigrants from the border into sanctuary cities. Cory Booker said U. Ilhan Omar "does not deserve the kind of vicious, hate filled attacks that she's experiencing" after President Trump and other prominent conservatives criticized a partial quote by her. Booker, in an interview with "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan, defended Congresswoman Ilhan Omar against "hate-filled attacks".

Investigators Probe Whether Orlando Shooter Used Gay Dating App

Cory Booker slammed President Trump's plan to put asylum seekers in sanctuary cities would "pit Americans against each other" and will "make us less safe. Richard Neal set a new deadline for the IRS to furnish the committee with the president's tax returns: President Trump said this week he "knows nothing" about WikiLeaks. Here are just a few times he praised it during the campaign.

Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen Frequented Pulse Nightclub, Used Gay Dating Apps

The country says there has been a "misconception" in international understanding of the law. At the nation's largest detention center for immigrant families, in Dilley, Texas, nearly 80 percent of beds are unfilled. Martin about the HBO series moving beyond his books.

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See the full 60 Minutes report on "Game of Thrones," Sunday at 7 p. The four-day convention for fans of the Star Wars saga, held in Chicago, included cosplayers, panels with the filmmakers, and the debut of the trailer for Episode IX of the series. Fire officials responded to the festival campgrounds around 2: Databases, apps, and online searches are part of their arsenal to locate people who made a difference in a homeless person's past.

A Glimpse of Omar Mateen's Past, From School Reports to Job Dismissal

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